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Old Noritake is a general term for the Western style of porcelain ware that was produced by Nippon Toki (the current Noritake Company) between the end of the 19th Century and the end of World War II, and mainly exported to the US and the UK. It is not an exaggeration to say that the roots of Japan-US trading and the starting point of Japan's successful export based economy lie in Old Noritake.

In the United States, dozens of books about Old Noritake have been published and there are two clubs for collectors. In Japan, Old Noritake started receiving increased admiration and popularity. It seems to us that Old Noritake has secured a reputation as fine art in the world of porcelain. This is because its superb techniques are being re-evaluated and the Art Deco and Moriage of Old Noritake are not just viewed as second-rate Western style porcelains. They are viewed as outstanding artistic porcelain works.

We would like to present the entire picture of Old Noritake as objectively as possible, without highlighting its eccentricity or leaning to our preference.

Cup & Sauser
Art Deco

Art Nouveau